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http://www.redcapes.com-Watch Alison Teal  ion Naked and Afraid show on Discovery Channel this Sunday 7pm (pst)

Aloha, I’m Alison Teal, and I want to give people a passport to the world! Alison’s Adventures are films about educating and inspiring children and families about sustainability, adventure and going for their dreams.  Please check out my films on alisonsadventures.com.

With your help I can embark on a national school tour and develop partnerships with “do good” organizations to launch Alison’s Adventures to the world.  I am ready to inspire kids globally to embrace their inner super-hero, and make a difference!


Alison had an atypical childhood: raised by adventure-photographer parents, she accompanied trips to exotic locales beginning at the age of two months old. Her life since has continued this spirit of exploration.

Her current residence is a a Swiss Family Robinson style grass hut that she built with her parents over the last 20 years. (One of the perks lets you come to my home for a 3 day adventure!)

After graduating from film school at USC, Alison set off around the world with a backpack, an HD camera, and pink surfboard, and a dream to make a film series which would offer viewers a passport into her global family and their secrets of survival, sustainability, and happiness.

After eight years of filming she has just released her first Alison’s Adventures films on her website! With hard work, dedication, and a 100% volunteer crew and modest (aka non-existent) budget…. it is time to ask for your support.

Film Company:

Alison’s Adventures is an original film series created to make the world a smaller place by sharing the wisdom of exotic cultures, showcasing authentic people, and entertaining the kid in everyone through storytelling that captures the mystery and intrigue of life’s adventures.

Alison has a fearless passion for life, and comedic timing, she dives into communities living off the beaten path to unearth customs and curious traditions, investigate ancient myths and legends, and showcase the importance of family to inspire eco-lifestyles.


Alison on Discovery Channel: Alison was recently cast on a survival show pilot episode where she is challenged to put her love of adventure and survival skills to the test!


Gifts for You!

Please contribute to my first-ever fundraising campaign, and become a part of the adventure. I have been blessed with cool sponsor gifts including a GoPro camera and hand-made eco surf-boards and incredible art and jewelry from local Hawaiian talent and my adventures, that I think will “perk” you right up!

To see pictures of the perks, check out my media gallery on this site – most of which will go to kids in need around the world!

Please share this campaign with everyone you know as most of items will go to an appreciative kid around the world; I will be forever grateful!



Alison Teal